NVIDIA Tegra 4 Processor

Nvidia Tegra 4 Processor, Wayne Processor,Nvidia Wayne
Image from ChipHell
NVIDIA said, months ago, that the next-generation Tegra mobile platform would be much stronger than Tegra 3, and now we can lay out all the proof anyone could need to believe that.

The codename of the Tegra 4 platform is Wayne, just like Tegra 3 carries the name of Kal-El, like a certain Kryptonian. As odd as it sounds, Kal-El is severely outmatched, or will be. Wayne will be six times more powerful than its predecessor. A roadmap slide depicting the core layout of the SoC (system-on-chip) made its way to Chinese website Chip Hell, somehow.

Next Android OS - KOLACHE

A lot of rumors out there for naming of Android’s next OS. Manu Cornet, one of Google employee ignited the rumor through GooglePlus. He added another android robot with a “pie” like food in hand in one of his post to visualize the evolution of android versions. Thus the rumor hiped so much to guess a name of their next OS version.

As everybody determining there would be another dessert food item to be included as the successor of “Jelly Bean”. And from the past experience and continuity, people guessing there could be “Key Lime Pie” or “KLP”. Previous versions ware Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, so this time they would continue with the letter “K” and here comes the key lime pie. But, Manu Cornet disagreed to confirm anyhow about this naming process.

Evolution of Android OS Versions, Cupcake,Donut,Eclair,Froyo,Gingerbread,Honeycomb,ICS,KLP

LG T375 Cookie Smart Phone

Here is the detail specification of LG T375 Cookie Smart dual SIM mobile phone. This dual SIM multi-touchscreen mobile could be found within INR4000-5000 range. Not bad for such a feature phone with dual sim capability.

Salient features…

  • Dual SIM
  • 3.2 inch Touch Screen Display
  • Wi-Fi
  • FM Radio

Micromax A68 - Smarty Mobile

Indian mobile manufacturer Micromax quite silently marketed their newest dual-sim android mobile phone in India. A68-Smarty has some lucrative features to grab on like 1 GHz processor, dual sim, 5 MP camera and FM Radio. But, having no 3G, only rear fixed focus camera and no front camera is too complicated for power users to choose this model.

A68 could be found within INR 6500.00 now, though, it was priced much higher and decreased a lot within this short time. In Saholic, we found this A68-Smarty for INR 6490.00. Maybe, it will decrease more by this year ending sale.
Micromax A68 Smarty

Nokia Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8

Nokia announced their new Lumia series Windows 8 mobile phone. This time they're going to put much lower price tag, only US$249.00. Nokia Lumia 620 will possibly come in next February and will show-up with their other Windows 8 phone like Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

Nokia Lumia 620

Polk UltraFit series headphones for android

Made only for Android products. Yes, Polk Audio reinvented their UltraFit headphone line to deliver more qualitative sound to android users. Three new models - UltraFit 3000a, 2000a and 1000a for experience in-ear and on-air peek audio performance. SecureFit support will keep you stay tuned while you’re in a shaky terrain or working out in gym or even in a noisy place where you want to get lost with your favourite music or something catchy for your soul.

Polk Ultrafit Headphone, Polk UltraFit 3000a, UltraFit 2000a, UltraFit 1000a

Exposed latest Apple iMac 21.5 inch

What happened to tech peoples? Specially Japanese tech nerds? Someone from Japan just "Sesame-Opened" the newest 21.5 inch iMac after couple of hours from buying it at first place. This newest iMac was 21.5 inch powered by 2.9GHz Quad Core Intel Core i5-3470S processor, introduced just couple of months ago. Price of this iMac is US$1499.00 from Apple store.

First look at the package and intact images of 21.5 inch iMac.

Update:  iFixit also teardowned this iMac and exposed all of its components. They have accomplished this teardown step-by-step very professionally and featured in details in their site. Added some great teardown images from their site also.
New Apple iMac 21.5 inch, Latest Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Here's some teardowned images of this iMac 21.5 inch. 
Image courtesy: Kodawarisan

Why would you spend $899 on Surface with Windows 8 Pro?

There are several high-end touch screen tablets out there with comparatively much lower pricing from this Surface tablet, as this is tagged with huge US$899.00 for 64GB version. But, the question is why would you spend $899 for Microsoft’s newest edition of Surface with Windows 8 Pro? Here are dozen reasons to make your pocket empty.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro
Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

LG Optimus G E970

Here's the detail specification with some salient features of LG Optimus G E970 …

  • Powerful 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • True HD IPS Plus Display
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • QSlide- Screen on screen function

LG Optimus G E970
LG Optimus G E970

ASUS PadFone 2

PadFone - intuitive and smart concept to use a mobile phone in a bigger tablet type screen. Taiwan based innovative technology introducer ASUS redefined and re-launched their PadFone concept to a new height by introducing PadFone 2. Earlier edition PadFone faced several knock-out blow from users and setback designers to make a better product.

Technology grown up, users demand for high-end product also gone higher. So, ASUS put their best effort in this PadFone 2. With 1.5GHz Quad-Core Cortex A15 class processor with Adreno 320 GPU, they’ve raised RAM to 2GB LPDDR2 for the utmost flawless performance. These powerful improvement is 30 percent higher than earlier PadFone edition. (Graphical endurance also doubled and makes this PadFone 2 unbelievable.)

ZTE 8 core smartphone

ZTE will surprise with Eight Core Smartphone next year

We have quad-core smartphone until now (2012) and rumors whispering out their that maybe next year we're going to operate eight core processor powered smartphone, or we should call it ultra-smartphone!!

MediaTek Processor
MediaTek Processor*

Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA vs Apple MacBook AIR

Everybody is looking for slimmest notepad now and manufacturers also striving to deliver the thinnest possible products to their customers. Lenovo has many notepad type products but, IdeaPad YOGA is their new introduction to capture notepad market.

Here is a comparison between Lenove IdeaPad YOGA and Apple MacBook AIR.

Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA
Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA
Apple MacBook AIR
Apple MacBook AIR

NOKIA Lumia 510

NOKIA Lumia 510 will step into Indian market next week. It's a good mid-budget touch screen mobile phone. Price will be within INR10000. But, Nokia should have listened to present users buzz. Only 4GB internal memory and NO SD CARD slot possibly won't attract youthful customers. Maybe for those low-end users and corporate customers, who worship brand name as their first choice to get any product, specially tech gadgets.

Though, it's packed with TouchUI and Accelerometer for better enhanced gaming experience, but, lacking of only 256MB RAM will hamper big games to play and present craze for Wi-Fi Hotspot will let them dump this phone also.

Apple iPad mini: Missing in action - Problems

What we’re missing from new iPad mini:

  1. Retina Display: No doubt about that. Mini should have this instead of IPS display.
  2. Flash with rear camera: Definitely man, I think they’ve forgotten to add this.
  3. Google Maps: After iPhone 5’s great humiliating failure of Maps app, Cupertino company  should’ve been used Google’s instead.
  4. External memory slot: Who will suggest them to add a little slot of external memory!!! Extra memory card not only for storage, but also for file sharing to and from other devices. (Maybe to and from Android products, lol)

HTC One X Plus

HTC One X+ is handy upgrades of its predecessor One X. Not much though.

Here's some salient features of HTC One X+

  • Most powerful 1.7 GHz Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor
  • Dual HD Camera
  • Exclusive built-in Beat Audio Sound
  • 1GB RAM and 64GB built-in Memory

Samsung draws iPad mini into patent battle

Samsung draws iPad mini into patent battle

NEW YORK - Samsung has filed papers at a United States court alleging that Apple's iPad mini, introduced this month, infringes eight patented technologies.

It is the latest salvo in the rivals' global legal battle. The Korean giant asked a judge on Wednesday to add Apple's 7.9-inch tablet to a list of products it claims violate patents on radio signalling technologies, among others.

Both firms are seeking to ensure the others' most recent products are drawn into the fight, which could lead to sales bans. Last week Apple successfully applied to add Google's most recent mobile operating system, Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, to the case.

Apple iPad mini with MUCH MORE

Apple iPad mini, you have to see it to believe it. It’s not a mini, there’s much more stuffed inside this. 

Apple iPad mini,Latest iPad

There are two different models, one with Wi-Fi only and another with Wi-Fi + Cellular/LTE connectivity. The model with Wi-Fi + Cellular/LTE has two variant, A1454 and A1455. Model A1454 for GSM network and model A1455 is for CDMA network.

iPhone 5 released in India

               Apple released iPhone 5 to it's Indian customers on last Friday, 2nd November 2012. Apple's distributor in India Ingram Micro India Ltd. and Redington India Ltd. confirmed the price of 3 variants of this smartphone, 16GB for Rs.45,500.00, 32GB for Rs.52,500.00 and 64GB for Rs.59500.00. Both GSM and CDMA version will be available. Colors will be Black & Slate and White & Silver to choose from. 

Apple iPhone5, iPhone5 new Earpad,iPhone5 White

Nokia unveils Asha 308 and 309

Nokia will connect more people with their latest additions to the Asha series. Today, they've unveiled two new models, Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309. Both the models has full capacitive touch screen display with fluid 'Swipe' user interface to keep pace with present smartphone manufacturing trends. Another good news for Nokia brand lovers - these two models probably will cost under US$ 99.00 and will be available by this year (fourth quarter they said).
                     Nokia Asha 308 and 309

Asha 308 will be dual SIM with 'Easy Swap" and Asha 309 single SIM, both with new Nokia Xpress Browser for faster and smarter web browsing experience. You can have faith on what Timo Toikkanen, EVP of Mobile Phones, Nokia mentioned at the announcement ceremony-

Latest Solid State Drive from Samsung: SSD 840 and SSD 840 Pro

Samsung unveiled another mind blowing storage solution - SSD 840 Pro with MDX controller. This high performance Solid State Drive is designed to perform better with less power consumption and higher read and write operation.
Samsung SSD 840,SSD 840 Pro, Solid State Drive

Though, there will be two variants- SSD 840 for general computing purpose and SSD 840 Pro for advanced users. Gamers will love to grab the Pro version as it's random read and write capabilities are little higher.
Mr. UnSoo Kim, vice president of Memory brand product marketing team, Samsung Electronics, said,

iPhone 5 Maps Fail

Will you sue Apple for letting you misguide by their Maps app on latest iPhone 5? Maximum answer will be ‘NO’. You don’t want to create a judicial chaos with such a big conglomerate. Maybe, you want to, but………. and there will be many ‘buts’ to prevent you from doing so.

You’re just thinking, what the hell happened with iPhone 5 Maps. Just look at these images….

iPhone 5 Maps Fail,Wrong Maps of iPhone 5

LG Optimus 4X HD review and specification

                   South Korean pioneer business conglomerate LG delivered many usefull, innovative and technologically premier products before and many are in their pipeline also to amaze the whole world. Though, at present they are just in the 2nd place in South Korea in terms of business, where another tech giant Samsung leading the board with great business worldwide.

                   This year in February, LG proudly announced their first Quad Core Processor powered smartphone at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. Later in June (11-06-2012), they deployed this power-packed Optimus 4X HD in Europe. LG used latest 1.5 GHz Tegra3 processor, where manufacturer Nvidia encored a special fifth core with its regular quad core in Tegra3. This fifth core works while the mobile is in idle situation to save battery power. And thus makes this smartphone more efficient and active for regular use.

Reviews and Specification of Samsung Galaxy S3

Though, Korean tech giant Samsung may need to pay a huge amount(appx US$1B) to US tech emperor Apple as per US Federal Court order (battle not ended), yet, Samsung rules over smartphone market allover the world including USA. Their Galaxy S3 is a huge success in terms of business. On the contrary, many S3 users along with iPhone lovers making chaos against it's lower quality, specially about body finish and back cover.
Samsung Galaxy S3

Recovery of mobile phone from water and alcohol




01.   Switch off after pulling out from water.
02.   Remove battery, SIM card and memory card.
03.   Wipe out smoothly with clean dry cloth (display screen, keypad, backside under battery/SIM card, battery, SIM card, memory card)

Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

After many business shortfall in the recent past, prominent Japanese technology innovator SONY has made a good comeback with their “Xperia” models to hack their lost market shares in smartphone business. As of many other mobile handset manufacturers, Sony also focusing their business in Asian regions. And for this, they have introduced “Xperia Tipo Dual” with dual SIM, FM Radio and feature rich Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Earlier, Samsung made a very good business with their dual SIM handsets in Asia and mainly from India. Now, it’s time for Sony to make a healthy business with “Xperia Tipo Dual” with handfull of qualitative features and within budget price than usual Sony products.

Apple iPhone 5 with LTE

After many riddles and rumors, Apple iPhone 5 appeared and created a charming feel among the iPhone lovers and smartphone enthusiasts. It’s gorgeous anodized aluminum body with industries best finish just made all the sparkling eyes out when Philip Schiller, SVP of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing, first brought this devise to the announcement occasion on 12-Sep-2012. Though, after clashing with Samsung, many people blaming Apple for depriving them to use feature rich Android smartphones with much lower cost.
Apple iPhone 5 Black,Released iPhone 5

Here are some salient features of Apple iPhone 5

Nokia ASHA 303 with 1.0 GHz Processor and Touchscreen & QWERTY Keypad

This is quite true that Finnish mobile giant Nokia launched ASHA series basically targeted Indian regions including other South-East Asian countries. Mobile users of this regions looks for better quality, feature reached, normal user interface and most of all within a low budget. Nokia ASHA 303 meets all demands and is a very popular model in terms of business. This ASHA 303 models designed with Touch Screen with QWERTY Keypad for better usability. On the other hand it comes with 1.0 GHz Processor, so lucrative for advanced or business class users who want to do things quickly and smartly.

Nokia Asha 305, Touch Phone, not a Smart Phone

Nokia Asha 305,Nokia Touch Phone,Nokia Dual SIM MobileNokia ASHA 305 is a ‘low-budget user’ targeted mobile with easy swap Dual SIM. This Dual SIM model comes with external 2nd SIM slot and you can change SIM anytime without even switching off your phone. Though it’s not a full smartphone, but, you can have lots of fun and entertainment with this touch phone within a very low budget. At present it’s registered price is around IRS4,668.00 in India (as of 03-08-12).

Some Salient Features:

Sony Xperia U st25i with Mobile BRAVIA Engine

Sony Xperia U st25i offers many more exciting features within it's 12mm thin body. 1.0 GHz Dual-Core  Processor with 512 MB RAM not bad for regular use. Though, it has some storage lacking, only 8GB internal storage and no external memory card slot to use.
Sony Xperia U,Xperia st25i black,Xperia U

Here are the detail specification of Sony Xperia U st25i

Release Date: 07 May, 2012

Nokia Asha 311 with Angry Birds

Nokia Asha 311,Nokia Touchscreen phone,Nokia with Angry Birds,

Nokia Asha 311 with newly redesigned touch UI will probably hit the market on 3rd Quarter of this year. Regular mobile users will be quite happy to find four colorful and compact designed handset with much lower price. Another good news is that it will come along 15 levels of Angry Birds and 40 downloadable EA games totally free. You can entertain yourself whenever you’ve free times to spare and enjoy.


LG Viper LS840 is the first Android Smartphone with LTE connectivity made for Sprint USA users from the house of Korean ICT Giant LG. Though, 4G LTE not available in all USA regions and Wi-Fi hotspot only connect upto 5 devices (additional fee applies), but, it's a good comeback for Sprint to the business. 

Nowadays every technology companies are going through eco-friendly evolution and LG Viper LS840 also not apart from this. It's body (casing) made out with 50% of recycled plastic material and for packaging they've used up to 87% of recycled paper and soy ink. It has been certified by ULE and  Carbonfund.org for being an eco-friendly products.
LG Viper LS840,Sprint Viper,LG CDMA mobile,LG Android Smartphone,LG 4G LTE Mobile

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH771, amazingly Thin, Light weight and Powerful Note Book with Optical Drive

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH771 is one of the slimmest, lightest yet most powerful in its class, built on the ancient Japanese philosophy of Takumi (Takumi means artisan), where quality and performance is integrated together perfectly. It is the first model to feature Fujitsu's signature F-Line design.

Fujitsu Fact: Some people might think that all the Fujitsu products are made in JAPAN. But, it's not entirely true. Many parts are made from their China factory.
Fujitsu Logo

Why would you buy and use Google Nexus 7?

Search giant Google and Taiwanese IT dominant ASUS bonded together to deliver some latest feature rich gadgets within a very low price, compared with today’s high profile and high priced gadgets. ASUS gained huge reputation by making quality products with much lower price. And now, they are delivering a stunning 7” Tablet with 1.2 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core Processor for just US$199.00 (8GB) and US$249.00 (16GB). It’s an alarming news for high-priced gadget makers like Apple, to reduce their product price within average peoples buying range. 

Here’s some salient features and specifications of ASUS made GOOGLE Nexus 7 for your reference.


Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX 4G LTE with Android 4.0 ICS

Motorola Droid Razr MAXX,Motorola Droid Razr,Droid Razr,Thinnest Mobile

Motorola Droid Razr MAXX,Motorola Droid Razr,Droid Razr,Thinnest Mobile
Motorola Droid Razr MAXX,Motorola Droid Razr,Droid Razr,Thinnest MobileDon’t think that these bars are my borders. No, you’re looking at Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (XT912). Question may arise, how did they do it? How did they stuff so much power and parts onto this thinnest thing? At just only 8.99mm thickness (Standard pencils are about 7mm thick, you may not find the difference without a scale. Just for reference to understand perfectly), Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, maybe the thinnest  smart phone of this time with the longest lasting 3300 mAh battery and upto 21.5 hours of talk time(Motorola Droid Razr is 7.1mm thin but with 1780 mAh battery).

Micromax A56 NINJA2 with Dual SIM and AISHA, real Indian Ninja

Micromax A56 Ninja2,Micromax A56, Indian Superphone,Micromax Android mobile

Micromax A56 NINJA2 is a Dual SIM Superfone highly powered by 800 MHz Processor that ensures seamless multi-tasking and enhanced graphics and gaming experience. You can control your phone with AISHA(Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant), a voice assisted mobile phone apps  developed by Dexetra and using by Micromax. AISHA works like Apple’s SIRI, this is like SIRI’s Indian version. Original apps called ‘iris’, but, it is modified, licensed and renamed as AISHA for Micromax.

Micromax A80, First Indian Super Phone with Voice Assistant AISHA


Micromax A80,AISHA,Superfone,Dexetra,

A80 Infinity is Micromax’s first android superfone with a marathon 2500 mAH battery. It runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3.4, the coolest version of Google’s android platform. Micromax introduced India’s first full voice assisted mobile application named AISHA(Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant) developed by Dexetra. AISHA is an alternative for Apple’s SIRI, though, in real competition, SIRI will be far more advanced from AISHA. But, good thing is that an alternative is running besides SIRI.

Comparison between Apple Mac Mini and Samsung-Google Chromebox

First of all some detail specification of Apple Mac Mini (2.3 GHz Core i5)

  1. 2.3 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 Processor with 3MB on-chip shared L3 Cache and Intel HD Graphics 3000 Processor with 288MB DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory
  2. 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM
  3. 500 GB Hard Disk (5400 rpm)
  4. OS X Lion with Mail, Address Book, iCal, Mac App Store, iTunes, Safari, Time Machine, Face Time, Lion Recovery, iLife'11, QuickTime and many more.

Shocking news of Samsung Galaxy S III explosion with original image

There's an explosion on a new Samsung Galaxy S 3 while that was on a car mount in Ireland. The shocked user went to Carphone Warehouse, from where he'd purchased that Samsung S 3 and got another shock. They instantly refused him to make a replacement for this horrible accident.

The user then shared the agony with online people and posted some original images of exploded S 3 on Ireland's premier discussion board Boards.ie

Samsung spokesperson James Chung said "Our initial investigation found no fault with the phone, but we'll conduct further investigations to decide the exact cause of the problem." You may read the full story on Huffingtonpost.

Samsung GALAXY Note with HD Super AMOLED Display

World's first 5.3 inch (135mm exactly) HD Super AMOLED Display that definitely will catch your eyes. Here are some salient features and specifications for you to compare and conquer with some other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note Features:
  • 5.3 Inch WXGA Super AMOLED Display
  • 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor

Release and Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S-lll

Samsung's new Galaxy S-III, probably is the most outrageous phone, that will shake the mobile phone world with it's gorgeous presence and lucrative features. Though, no perfect official launch date announced yet, till today, but, rumors all around tech world, whether it would be launched in MWC Barcelona or not (everybody disappointed last month). Or Samsung will commence a special launching ceremony to commemorate their most profitable series GALAXY's much awaiting model S III.

For some reason, it is much clear to all, who poke their nose to the newest gadgets, it will appear in between April.(Probable reason for delaying the release of S-3 is because iPhone-5 is expected to be released in June-July 2012 and Samsung may plan to release the phone at some early time to them.

BlackBerry BOLD 9900

Blackberry BOLD 9900 Front,Blackberry 7
Blackberry BOLD 9900

Be BOLD with BlackBerry BOLD 9900

BOLD, 9900
Form Factor
Monoblock BAR
QWERTY Keypad with Optical Trackpad
115mm X 66mm X 10.5mm
SIM Option
Colors Available
Black with Silver

Sony Ericsson Xperia S with Mobile BRAVIA Display Engine

Sony Ericsson Xperia S is one of the best smartphone in it's class released in 2012. It is the first phone delivered after SONY's full share acquisition of "Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB" from Ericsson, another pioneer Swedish Telecommunication giant and branded as SONY now. It was first launched in 29-02-2012 at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Major features of Sony Ericsson Xperia S :
  • 4.3 Inch LED-Backlit LCD HD Touchscreen Display with Mobile BRAVIA.
  • 1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread)

HTC Radar 4G with Windows Mango OS

HTC Radar 4G White

HTC Radar 4G, Elegantly crafted from a single piece of polished Aluminum. It's Premium Sleek design makes the right impression on you and everyone around you.

Here's detail specification of HTC Radar 4G...

Platform Windows® Phone OS 7.5 Mango
Processor 1 GHz QualComm MSM8255
Internal Memory 512MB RAM, 8GB ROM (6.08GB User Memory)
Display 3.8 inch WVGA TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 480x800 resolution

Fun Facts about Nokia LUMIA

Fun Facts about Nokia LUMIA

LUMIA means Prostitute (Money-for-Pleasure) in Spanish. Right. No..No. Don't shake your head left to right. Nokia people also spend much time and lots of money for naming their devices. And they also knew this spanish terminology. Look at their Punch Line 'LIVE MORE, DO MORE'. They made LUMIA to serve and satisfy us. And we should be pleased by LUMIA's service.

Latest HP Pavilion dm4t Beats Edition Series

HP Pavilion dm4t Beats Edition,HP Laptop,Laptop with Beats Audio
Remarkably Thin, Surprisingly Powerful The Pavilion dm4 Beats
Edition, thin laptops with Beats Audio.


  • 1 inch(Frontside) Ultrathin Aluminium-Housed Casing
  • 14 inch BrightView/Anti-Glare LED-Backlit HD LED Screen
  • Beats Logo,Wallpaper and Audio with built-in Subwoofer
  • Intel Latest 2nd Generation Core i5 2430M 2.4GHz(3MB L3 Cache) Processor with Turbo Boost upto 3.0GHz

Detail specification of Nokia LUMIA 900

LIVE MORE, DO MORE  Truly, Nokia deserves to say that for their New Nokia LUMIA 900. With it's Extra Strong 1830 mAh Battery Lumia 900 can LIVE upto 300 Long Hours of Standby time on 3G Networks. Able to play continuously 60 hours of Music and 6.5 hours of Video.

Fun Facts: LUMIA' means 'Prostitute' in Spanish
Nokia Lumia 900, Best Nokia Mobile,AT&T Nokia Lumia 900Nokia Lumia 900,Best Nokia Mobile,AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900,Best Nokia Mobile,
Nokia Lumia 900,Best Nokia Mobile,AT&T Nokia,