ZTE 8 core smartphone

ZTE will surprise with Eight Core Smartphone next year

We have quad-core smartphone until now (2012) and rumors whispering out their that maybe next year we're going to operate eight core processor powered smartphone, or we should call it ultra-smartphone!!

MediaTek Processor
MediaTek Processor*

Yes, ZTE, the Chinese tech giant probably are trying to surprise tech world with their very first eight-core smartphone next year. Rumors that MediaTek will support ZTE with TSMC 28nm ARM technology based eight-core processor and they've already send samples of this Okutakoa (8 core) processor to US Military for their Apache helicopter gunships. Rumors also that ZTE are going to name their ultra-smartphone as ZTE Apache. It could be equipped with 13MP full HD camera, advanced 4G LTE and NFC connectivity and many more extra ordinary features to amaze the customers.

What really we want in our hand, a smartphone to conquer the world or a gigantic power packed PC in small handy case. Technology companies are dwelling for getting the first place and by defeating their competitors mile behind. Every companies trying hard to win the battle. Not for business only but also prestige matters. Yes, this is quite true. Business is not a filthy drag-race where you could win within a very short time but with turbo pace and adrenaline rush. Business ethics doesn't really allow this.

Healthy competition makes better productivity and enhance creativity to deliver far better than what worked earlier or even their competitors delivered. Motto should be to deliver the best for the time being and relocate any disturbance or disability that should be wiped out next time. Question is what the hell we're going to capture next year or within couple of years, a smartphone or something else???

You may read other news also in Chinatimes, t3.com, theinquirer.com, gpad.tv .

*Sample image of MediaTek Processor, not exactly of eight-core processor


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