Micromax A56 NINJA2 with Dual SIM and AISHA, real Indian Ninja

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Micromax A56 NINJA2 is a Dual SIM Superfone highly powered by 800 MHz Processor that ensures seamless multi-tasking and enhanced graphics and gaming experience. You can control your phone with AISHA(Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant), a voice assisted mobile phone apps  developed by Dexetra and using by Micromax. AISHA works like Apple’s SIRI, this is like SIRI’s Indian version. Original apps called ‘iris’, but, it is modified, licensed and renamed as AISHA for Micromax.

Micromax A80, First Indian Super Phone with Voice Assistant AISHA


Micromax A80,AISHA,Superfone,Dexetra,

A80 Infinity is Micromax’s first android superfone with a marathon 2500 mAH battery. It runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3.4, the coolest version of Google’s android platform. Micromax introduced India’s first full voice assisted mobile application named AISHA(Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant) developed by Dexetra. AISHA is an alternative for Apple’s SIRI, though, in real competition, SIRI will be far more advanced from AISHA. But, good thing is that an alternative is running besides SIRI.