Recovery of mobile phone from water and alcohol




01.   Switch off after pulling out from water.
02.   Remove battery, SIM card and memory card.
03.   Wipe out smoothly with clean dry cloth (display screen, keypad, backside under battery/SIM card, battery, SIM card, memory card)
04.   Put the mobile set in a place where natural air flows, maybe with little sunlight. If the place is air-conditioned, that’ll be much better. But, don’t put that under direct a/c vent. You may use hair dryer also but, keep it slower, less warmer and keep proper distance.
05.   Check display screen for water inside or maybe beneath your screen protective cover. You may have to peel off the protective cover and wipe gently, if water got there.
06.   Don’t put display side to the strong sunshine, a/c vent or dryer for much time. It may harm the display screen.
07.   Don’t hurry, you may have to wait for about three to five long hours to perfectly dry out all the water and vapour from your beloved mobile phone. If water inside don’t dry out totally and you switch on, it may short the circuit.
08.   After quite a long drying process, you can put all the things up to your mobile phone as before and switch on.
09.   Cross fingers for your success.
10.   By any chance, if the mobile don’t start up after two-three power on, you should take it to the nearest service center or consult with a technician.


01.   If dropped off from higher building, try to collect all the pieces, I.e; housing/casing, display screen, battery, SIM card, memory card, back cover, antenna (if any), keypad, side buttons etc.
02.   Thoroughly check for the damage and asses about recovery.
03.   Display screen ok or broken? If only little scratch found, those can be wiped out with proper shining /scratch off kits. If broken, you have to replace it with proper display screen. You should check with service center or mobile phone technician.
04.   Battery ok or damaged? Though, there are very small chance of broken battery, but if handset dropped from higher building, it could happen. In that case you have to replace it with proper one.
05.   In maximum cases of dropping from high, mobile phone’s housing/casing and back cover got broken. You may have to change casing/back cover.
06.   If you find your phone quite undamaged, but, no power on or no network bars or you can’t hear anything or caller can’t hear your voice, don’t worry much. Shock may de-touched connection of power button or RF Output or speaker or microphone. You should consult with any service center or technician to set this up and make it workable again.
07.   “SIM card error”, “No SIM card”, “Insert SIM” message may appear after switching on. This may happen due to shock. Switch off the phone, take out SIM card, wait for minutes, insert it back again and switch on. If it doesn’t work, you need to consult with your technician.


Fire or heavy heating is dangerous for any handheld mobile phone. Everybody should manage their mobile phones to keep distance from heavy heated area. But, if accidentally it falls into fire
01.   Quickly pull out the phone with precaution not to injure yourself. Be aware about the battery, it may explode. So keep distance and if possible cover it with any empty bucket or something like this. It will prevent exploded portions to keep inside (if explodes though).  
02.   If it catches fire you should splash water on it. At least, you may save the SIM card and memory card with data intact inside to use with other mobile phone set. You can also retrieve phone memory data or images saved in phone memory through an extensive data recovery service by a professional.


Alcoholic beverages could do great damage to your mobile phone. If excessive amount of alcoholic beverage anyhow enter inside your phone, the circuit may not work and get shorted if you power on the device. PVA/Silicon glue on the circuit could dissolve and make the circuit out of work if alcohol gets in touch. So, if accidentally your phone gets alcohol…
01.   Pull out quickly if it dropped into your glass or bowl full of alcoholic beverages.
02.   Switch it off. Open back cover. Remove battery, SIM card, memory card.
03.   Gently cover up with cotton cloths to soak up excessive alcohol. You may use tissue paper, blotting paper, cotton pads or similar materials to get rid of any watery substance. Don’t wipe/smudge display screen harshly. Alcohol generates heat and you may lose functionality of your touch screen.
04.   Cautiously wipe battery, SIM card and memory card also. Don’t rub hard. You may use cotton buds to clean connector part of battery.
05.   After gentle wiping out, put the mobile with battery, SIM card and Memory card in a place where natural air flows. Alcohol will dry out after a while. Don’t use any kind of hot air to dry up alcohol. You may use normal blower with low air pressure to dry quickly.
06.   After an hour or two, all the excessive alcohol should dry out from inside and outside. Gently wipe again with another new clean cloth or cotton pad and put back battery, SIM card and memory card to their exact place.
07.   Cross finger and switch on the mobile. It should work properly if not anything bad happened inside.
08.   You should contact with any service center or technician if not worked after two-three power on.

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**Disclaimer:Information and images collected mainly from manufacturer's website, manuals, user guides and some other online resources. Only some editorial touch given for better understanding and viewing experience. Author of this blog will not bear any liabilities on this regards.


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