Exposed latest Apple iMac 21.5 inch

What happened to tech peoples? Specially Japanese tech nerds? Someone from Japan just "Sesame-Opened" the newest 21.5 inch iMac after couple of hours from buying it at first place. This newest iMac was 21.5 inch powered by 2.9GHz Quad Core Intel Core i5-3470S processor, introduced just couple of months ago. Price of this iMac is US$1499.00 from Apple store.

First look at the package and intact images of 21.5 inch iMac.

Update:  iFixit also teardowned this iMac and exposed all of its components. They have accomplished this teardown step-by-step very professionally and featured in details in their site. Added some great teardown images from their site also.
New Apple iMac 21.5 inch, Latest Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Here's some teardowned images of this iMac 21.5 inch. 
Image courtesy: Kodawarisan

Why would you spend $899 on Surface with Windows 8 Pro?

There are several high-end touch screen tablets out there with comparatively much lower pricing from this Surface tablet, as this is tagged with huge US$899.00 for 64GB version. But, the question is why would you spend $899 for Microsoft’s newest edition of Surface with Windows 8 Pro? Here are dozen reasons to make your pocket empty.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro
Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

LG Optimus G E970

Here's the detail specification with some salient features of LG Optimus G E970 …

  • Powerful 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • True HD IPS Plus Display
  • 2.0GB RAM
  • QSlide- Screen on screen function

LG Optimus G E970
LG Optimus G E970

ASUS PadFone 2

PadFone - intuitive and smart concept to use a mobile phone in a bigger tablet type screen. Taiwan based innovative technology introducer ASUS redefined and re-launched their PadFone concept to a new height by introducing PadFone 2. Earlier edition PadFone faced several knock-out blow from users and setback designers to make a better product.

Technology grown up, users demand for high-end product also gone higher. So, ASUS put their best effort in this PadFone 2. With 1.5GHz Quad-Core Cortex A15 class processor with Adreno 320 GPU, they’ve raised RAM to 2GB LPDDR2 for the utmost flawless performance. These powerful improvement is 30 percent higher than earlier PadFone edition. (Graphical endurance also doubled and makes this PadFone 2 unbelievable.)

ZTE 8 core smartphone

ZTE will surprise with Eight Core Smartphone next year

We have quad-core smartphone until now (2012) and rumors whispering out their that maybe next year we're going to operate eight core processor powered smartphone, or we should call it ultra-smartphone!!

MediaTek Processor
MediaTek Processor*

Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA vs Apple MacBook AIR

Everybody is looking for slimmest notepad now and manufacturers also striving to deliver the thinnest possible products to their customers. Lenovo has many notepad type products but, IdeaPad YOGA is their new introduction to capture notepad market.

Here is a comparison between Lenove IdeaPad YOGA and Apple MacBook AIR.

Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA
Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA
Apple MacBook AIR
Apple MacBook AIR

NOKIA Lumia 510

NOKIA Lumia 510 will step into Indian market next week. It's a good mid-budget touch screen mobile phone. Price will be within INR10000. But, Nokia should have listened to present users buzz. Only 4GB internal memory and NO SD CARD slot possibly won't attract youthful customers. Maybe for those low-end users and corporate customers, who worship brand name as their first choice to get any product, specially tech gadgets.

Though, it's packed with TouchUI and Accelerometer for better enhanced gaming experience, but, lacking of only 256MB RAM will hamper big games to play and present craze for Wi-Fi Hotspot will let them dump this phone also.

Apple iPad mini: Missing in action - Problems

What we’re missing from new iPad mini:

  1. Retina Display: No doubt about that. Mini should have this instead of IPS display.
  2. Flash with rear camera: Definitely man, I think they’ve forgotten to add this.
  3. Google Maps: After iPhone 5’s great humiliating failure of Maps app, Cupertino company  should’ve been used Google’s instead.
  4. External memory slot: Who will suggest them to add a little slot of external memory!!! Extra memory card not only for storage, but also for file sharing to and from other devices. (Maybe to and from Android products, lol)

HTC One X Plus

HTC One X+ is handy upgrades of its predecessor One X. Not much though.

Here's some salient features of HTC One X+

  • Most powerful 1.7 GHz Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor
  • Dual HD Camera
  • Exclusive built-in Beat Audio Sound
  • 1GB RAM and 64GB built-in Memory

Samsung draws iPad mini into patent battle

Samsung draws iPad mini into patent battle

NEW YORK - Samsung has filed papers at a United States court alleging that Apple's iPad mini, introduced this month, infringes eight patented technologies.

It is the latest salvo in the rivals' global legal battle. The Korean giant asked a judge on Wednesday to add Apple's 7.9-inch tablet to a list of products it claims violate patents on radio signalling technologies, among others.

Both firms are seeking to ensure the others' most recent products are drawn into the fight, which could lead to sales bans. Last week Apple successfully applied to add Google's most recent mobile operating system, Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, to the case.

Apple iPad mini with MUCH MORE

Apple iPad mini, you have to see it to believe it. It’s not a mini, there’s much more stuffed inside this. 

Apple iPad mini,Latest iPad

There are two different models, one with Wi-Fi only and another with Wi-Fi + Cellular/LTE connectivity. The model with Wi-Fi + Cellular/LTE has two variant, A1454 and A1455. Model A1454 for GSM network and model A1455 is for CDMA network.

iPhone 5 released in India

               Apple released iPhone 5 to it's Indian customers on last Friday, 2nd November 2012. Apple's distributor in India Ingram Micro India Ltd. and Redington India Ltd. confirmed the price of 3 variants of this smartphone, 16GB for Rs.45,500.00, 32GB for Rs.52,500.00 and 64GB for Rs.59500.00. Both GSM and CDMA version will be available. Colors will be Black & Slate and White & Silver to choose from. 

Apple iPhone5, iPhone5 new Earpad,iPhone5 White