Nokia unveils Asha 308 and 309

Nokia will connect more people with their latest additions to the Asha series. Today, they've unveiled two new models, Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309. Both the models has full capacitive touch screen display with fluid 'Swipe' user interface to keep pace with present smartphone manufacturing trends. Another good news for Nokia brand lovers - these two models probably will cost under US$ 99.00 and will be available by this year (fourth quarter they said).
                     Nokia Asha 308 and 309

Asha 308 will be dual SIM with 'Easy Swap" and Asha 309 single SIM, both with new Nokia Xpress Browser for faster and smarter web browsing experience. You can have faith on what Timo Toikkanen, EVP of Mobile Phones, Nokia mentioned at the announcement ceremony-

Latest Solid State Drive from Samsung: SSD 840 and SSD 840 Pro

Samsung unveiled another mind blowing storage solution - SSD 840 Pro with MDX controller. This high performance Solid State Drive is designed to perform better with less power consumption and higher read and write operation.
Samsung SSD 840,SSD 840 Pro, Solid State Drive

Though, there will be two variants- SSD 840 for general computing purpose and SSD 840 Pro for advanced users. Gamers will love to grab the Pro version as it's random read and write capabilities are little higher.
Mr. UnSoo Kim, vice president of Memory brand product marketing team, Samsung Electronics, said,

iPhone 5 Maps Fail

Will you sue Apple for letting you misguide by their Maps app on latest iPhone 5? Maximum answer will be ‘NO’. You don’t want to create a judicial chaos with such a big conglomerate. Maybe, you want to, but………. and there will be many ‘buts’ to prevent you from doing so.

You’re just thinking, what the hell happened with iPhone 5 Maps. Just look at these images….

iPhone 5 Maps Fail,Wrong Maps of iPhone 5

LG Optimus 4X HD review and specification

                   South Korean pioneer business conglomerate LG delivered many usefull, innovative and technologically premier products before and many are in their pipeline also to amaze the whole world. Though, at present they are just in the 2nd place in South Korea in terms of business, where another tech giant Samsung leading the board with great business worldwide.

                   This year in February, LG proudly announced their first Quad Core Processor powered smartphone at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. Later in June (11-06-2012), they deployed this power-packed Optimus 4X HD in Europe. LG used latest 1.5 GHz Tegra3 processor, where manufacturer Nvidia encored a special fifth core with its regular quad core in Tegra3. This fifth core works while the mobile is in idle situation to save battery power. And thus makes this smartphone more efficient and active for regular use.

Reviews and Specification of Samsung Galaxy S3

Though, Korean tech giant Samsung may need to pay a huge amount(appx US$1B) to US tech emperor Apple as per US Federal Court order (battle not ended), yet, Samsung rules over smartphone market allover the world including USA. Their Galaxy S3 is a huge success in terms of business. On the contrary, many S3 users along with iPhone lovers making chaos against it's lower quality, specially about body finish and back cover.
Samsung Galaxy S3

Recovery of mobile phone from water and alcohol




01.   Switch off after pulling out from water.
02.   Remove battery, SIM card and memory card.
03.   Wipe out smoothly with clean dry cloth (display screen, keypad, backside under battery/SIM card, battery, SIM card, memory card)

Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

After many business shortfall in the recent past, prominent Japanese technology innovator SONY has made a good comeback with their “Xperia” models to hack their lost market shares in smartphone business. As of many other mobile handset manufacturers, Sony also focusing their business in Asian regions. And for this, they have introduced “Xperia Tipo Dual” with dual SIM, FM Radio and feature rich Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Earlier, Samsung made a very good business with their dual SIM handsets in Asia and mainly from India. Now, it’s time for Sony to make a healthy business with “Xperia Tipo Dual” with handfull of qualitative features and within budget price than usual Sony products.

Apple iPhone 5 with LTE

After many riddles and rumors, Apple iPhone 5 appeared and created a charming feel among the iPhone lovers and smartphone enthusiasts. It’s gorgeous anodized aluminum body with industries best finish just made all the sparkling eyes out when Philip Schiller, SVP of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing, first brought this devise to the announcement occasion on 12-Sep-2012. Though, after clashing with Samsung, many people blaming Apple for depriving them to use feature rich Android smartphones with much lower cost.
Apple iPhone 5 Black,Released iPhone 5

Here are some salient features of Apple iPhone 5