Samsung Galaxy Grand

Latest gadget: Review on Samsung Galaxy Grand

Samsung formally discloses its hottest large-display mobile phone, the Android-driven Galaxy Grand into the market. It is manufactured by Koreans and is regarded as a mid-high range phone which could be shipped in both single SIM and dual SIM models. It has several outstanding features like direct call which helps a user to make a call as soon as they raise it close to the ear as it is a voice enabled handset like S voice.

Samsung Galaxy Grand,Latest Smartphone,Latest Samsung Mobile,Upcoming Latest MobileSamsung Galaxy Grand is slim, easy to hold and ergonomic mobile phone with multi window features. It has a default Samsung hub in which a user can find music, games, movies and all entertainment. Smart Alert displays missed actions; for example, new messages and missed calls just by taking up the device. It allows user to watch videos while running different tasks with the help of pop up video. An exciting feature, All Share Play is also available to share information across various Samsung devices with a registered account.

 This model could be available within February 2013 and would have a INR15000.00 price tag., around US$250.00