Polk UltraFit series headphones for android

Made only for Android products. Yes, Polk Audio reinvented their UltraFit headphone line to deliver more qualitative sound to android users. Three new models - UltraFit 3000a, 2000a and 1000a for experience in-ear and on-air peek audio performance. SecureFit support will keep you stay tuned while you’re in a shaky terrain or working out in gym or even in a noisy place where you want to get lost with your favourite music or something catchy for your soul.

Polk Ultrafit Headphone, Polk UltraFit 3000a, UltraFit 2000a, UltraFit 1000a

Model 3000a and 1000a comes with ear-bud system for in-ear sound and 2000a for on-ear ear-pad system. Regular 3.5mm audio connector will connect to you with all the modern android products, exclusively mobile phones.

What Polk Audio says about their new android series..

Performance, comfort and durability. These are the three things an active listener wants in their headphones. And it’s made just for Android. We’ve reinvented the headphone to better suit listeners who want the best sound, in the most extreme situations, and don’t want to sacrifice performance (theirs, or their headphone’s).

Polk’s earlier UltraFit 3000, 2000 and 1000 was targeted for use with Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad. But, reasonably, they have “reinvented”(?) these series to make business from android users also. Better we call it “redesigned”, as nothing much introduced or even could be introduced now.

Here are some dealers web addresses from where you can buy these headphones.


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